Peter Helis Participated in HORASIS China Meeting

On 5 November, Peter Helis was delighted to participate in the annual HORASIS China Meeting on behalf of the European Union Chamber in South China. The event was held in Sheffield/England. Mr. Helis was invited to speak at the panel about the 13th Five-Year Plan and its opportunities.

The Horasis China Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of Chinese business leaders and their global counterparts. The location of the meeting rotates annually, and has been held in Geneva/Switzerland, Frankfurt/Germany etc. With these meetings Horasis aims to present a systemic view of activities affecting the drivers of China’s economic success and how Chinese businesses interact globally within other nations.

Horasis: The Global Visions Community is an independent international organization committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future. In addition to the Horasis China Meeting, Horasis hosts the Horasis Global Meeting as well as other regional events focusing on India and South East Asia.

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