The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs Chooses Helis & Associates as Partner in West China

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

In March 2017, Germany's largest and economically strongest federal state dispatched a high-level delegation to China. As the organiser for economic talks, Helis & Associates supported and accompanied the delegation to the Western Chinese cities of Chengdu and Chongqing.

Under the direction of the Bavarian State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer, economic and industrial leaders as well as political representatives took part in this delegation. Among the delegation members were also the managing director of the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria (Germany's largest Chamber of Commerce) as well as the managing director of the Mechanical Engineering Industry (Verband Deutscher Maschinen-und Anlagenbau, VDMA) of Bavaria.

With H&A's help, many Chinese economic leaders were invited to the event. Overall, the feedback on Chinese end was splendid, and both events were booked out.

The delegation followed a similar schedule in both cities: While the political delegates had appointments with the provincial government of Sichuan and the municipal government of Chongqing, the other part of the delegation attended the workshop for health management as well as pursued networking opportunities across all sectors.

With the health management workshop, the Bavarian companies had the opportunity to get in contact with Chinese representatives in this field (including representatives from the Ministry of Health, and also local hospitals). Among the Bayern representatives were companies such as EvoCare, KPMG and the Stiftung Liebenau.

The Bavarian companies were very well received in China. Counting Chongqing alone, 20 hospitals registered for the event. Stefan Albat, chief organiser and deputy executive manager of the Bavarian Industry Association (Verbandes der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, VBW), was satisfied with the reception.

Workshop in Chongqing

At the same time, a b2b matchmaking event across all sectors was on the agenda. The executive managers of Bavarian companies from different fields, e.g. construction, woodworking and mechanical engineering met with leaders of Chinese companies. Again, the reception was excellent. Not only was the ratio 3 Chinese firms to 1 Bavarian firm, but the quality of the companies was outstanding as well, which included national companies as well as listed companies.

Thanks to the good upfront planning with Bayern International and an excellent cooperation between H&A and the provincial government of Sichuan as well as the municipal government of  Chongqing , the event was overall a big success.

B2B Meeting in Chengdu

B2B Meeting in Chongqing

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