SDCCPE Delegation Business Trip to Munich, Germany

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

From July 22nd to 28th, Helis & Associates conducted and led a seven-day study tour in Bavaria, Germany for the Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Private Enterprise (abbr.: SDCCPE). The SDCCPE delegation participated during the week in various events and took different courses. Not only the representative Bavarian companies met with these Chinese CEOs, also the government and associations representatives from Munich city exchanged their opinions together with the Shunde bosses. The delegation trip has received high evaluation from both Chinese and German sides.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Peter Helis, GM of H&A. Ms. Rita Roider, representative of Munich city government, together with Mr. Link, representative from Chinaforum Bayern e.V. and Mr. ZHOU Minghua, Vice-Chairman of SCCPE, had spoken for the opening ceremony.

Shortly after the ceremony, the delegation began their first course for the trip. The lecturer of the course is Mr. Volker Falch, Vice President of International Department, BBW. Around the theme “Dual Vocational Technological Education System in Germany”, the delegation members had a very heated discussion with the speaker and learnt more for its unique function for promoting German economics.

After the course, the delegation paid a visit to Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund. They experienced the traditional German handmade papermaking process and learn about its strategy of integrating traditional industry with environmental protection.


The delegates went to Augsburg for the second course. The topic of the 2. course is “German Hidden Champions and the Succession of Family Business”. Mr. Dr. Fees from Nurnberg University was the speaker. From the course, the Chinese CEOs understand more for the hidden champions and learnt excellent experience for management and business succession.

In the afternoon, the delegation went to KUKA headquarter to have further look at the most advanced robotic technology.


The Rational Company welcomed the delegation. During the visit, the professional team, high-qualitied products and advanced factory had deeply impressed the SDCCPE CEOs. After the visit, the surprise section “Happy Cooking” allows the members together cooked with the famous chef Christian Rose with Rational products and all enjoyed wonderful hand-cooked food.

After the visit to Rational, the delegation went to NavVis and exchanged opinions with the experts from this Munich high-tech company.


The delegation visited EOS to get better understanding of the 3D printing technology and learned about the additive manufacturing technology of 3D printing. The delegates discussed with the representative from EOS about the difference between this technology and traditional printing technology. They also discussed the possibility of applying the technology in the Chinese market. After the interesting visit in EOS, they went to visit the famous landmark of Germany - Schloß Neuschwanstein in the afternoon.


The delegation had a visit to Foshan friendship city - Ingolstadt and came to the Innovation Center there. Ms. DONG Changhua had a brief welcome ceremony for the delegates and introduced city background and development situation to the members. After the introduction, the SCCPE members had the last course for the topic “Industrie 4.0 and AR technology”.


The delegation visited BMW Museum and Bauhaus building material and home furnishing market as their final stop.

The delegation to Germany does not only won praises from both sides, but also attracted attention from Shunde government and got the following-up interview. H&A is proud to present this delegation as the network between China and Germany and wish a further cooperation between these two countries. At the end, H&A would like to give special thanks for all the partner that help with this delegation!

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