Managing Director of Helis & Associates Participates in the China EU Economic Cooperation Forum

The importance of trade and cultural exchanges between Europe and China increases year by year. Taking account of this importance the EU China Economic Cooperation Forum was held on 28th August 2015 in Foshan. The economic forum was opened by Mr. Ken Wu, Director of the division of the ministry of foreign affairs of China, Secretary General in Guangdong, and former Ambassador in

Austria and Switzerland. In his speech he emphasized the intensification of the Sino-European economic relations and stressed the importance of the EU China Economic Cooperation Forum as one of the most important economic forums of Guangdong Province.

Mr. Peter Helis, Managing Director of the consulting company Helis & Associates,

highlighted the good working conditions and the business-friendly environment of Foshan. However, at the same time he pointed out to improve promotion of these positive features of the city. Additionally, there were still deficits in intellectual property right law that should be tackled in the future.

Other participants of the EU China Economic Cooperation Forum were Mr. Changyong Guo, Director General of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs Office, and the deputy director Mr. Jun Luo. Furthermore, Professor Wangcheng Yang, President of the Foshan Casme

International Development Association and Mr. Weiman Luo, President of the Shunde Chamber of Commerce attended the forum.

The conference was considered as a great success by all participants and will provide opportunities to intensify trade between China and the European Union.

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