Helis & Associates Successfully Helped Organizing the UBS CIO Event

Entrusted by UBS Switzerland, Helis & Associates has successfully helped organize the CIO Event between Shunde Women Entrepreneurs Association and UBS at Shunde Marriott Hotel on 31st October.

During the event, Mr. Thomas Deng, Managing Director of UBS AG, Regional Chief Investment Officer and Chief China Strategist first exchanged his experience about the trend of global economics and investment chances. Mr. Michael Zah, Executive Director of UBS Switzerland AG, then analyzed several aspects of women's wealth management problems through different cases. In the meanwhile, he discussed the trust and family inheritance

issues with the women Entrepreneurs. In the last part, Ms. Güntay, Associate Director of Greater China International showed how women deal with their wealth nowadays and predicted the development trend of women's wealth in the future. Through case studies, she also pointed out the difference between men and women in wealth management and thus explained the advantages of women in wealth management.

Representatives of Shunde Women Entrepreneurs Association including President Ms. Lao Yanzhen, Executive Vice President Ms. Yuan Liqun and Ms. Feng Qianhong actively participated in the event. They were happy to exchange their opinions with the speakers and conducted deep discussions with them, so that they could have better understanding about the international economical situation. 

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