Discussing the Secrets of Miele’s Success with Dr. Miele in Dongguan

Traditional family-owned businesses are the backbone of the German economy, and Miele, having almost 20,000 employees and a revenue of €3.93 billion in 2016, is a shining example of their success. As a family-run business going global, the company is one of the biggest and most well-known producers of household appliances today. On the 23rd of August 2017, Peter Helis had the great pleasure of

hosting a round-table event in Miele’s Dongguan Plant. This highly interesting event was attended by representatives of Miele, Kern-Liebers, Heinkel, Elrad International, AHK, Sieper, and Bock. Special guests from Germany were Dr. Markus Miele, Dr. Stefan Breit, and Dr. Michael Junker, whose experience contributed greatly; and of course, H&A used this opportunity to invite Dr. Miele to our upcoming Europe-China Conference.


Mr. Helis was delighted to be a part of this exciting event, and H&A is looking forward to more opportunities such as this in the future. 

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